Oh my goodness! I was looking through the cards I’ve made but haven’t blogged about, and I haven’t blogged about this set from Kindred Stamps! This is from a small set titled Annoyed Boss. I love this set so much because it is reminiscent of my favorite libertarian TV boss who works for a city government. It’s hysterical!

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day card, or Boss’s Day (October 16, 2018) THIS is the set to get!

Sometimes I ask myself WWRSD, and then I think, he’d whittle his way out of his predicament, either by slashing government or by creating a spear to catch a fish. While I’m super liberal at heart, I can still love how fiercely he stands by his convictions.

For these cards I used:
Annoyed Boss by Kindred Stamps
Topography by Neat and Tangled
Taller than Trees by Technique Tuesday

My sincerest apologies that I don’t have more information for you on the creating of these cards, I made them so long ago that I haven’t the slightest clue where the photos are of my working on them. I do promise to have a card made shortly showing how to do the Step-Up card seen above. 🙂


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