Being a mom is hard, if you’re a mom I don’t think I need to tell you this. I spend a lot of my energies doubting, or challenging choices I have made as a parent.

My 5-year-old has this week off of school for Spring Break. She’s been doing a lot of “hanging around the house” this week because of her neighborhood friends do have school, she attends a different school than they do. Just because she has the week off, doesn’t mean that my husband and I have the week off. So she’s watched a lot of computer screens, played some, watched more computer screens, and whined a lot about when I’d be done with whatever I was working on.

The other day I was crafting, she and I worked together on our next Get Kids Crafty! project, but that was about it. My husband also made a frozen pizza for the two of them, while I stayed upstairs to continue crafting. While I was up there I started feeling awful that I don’t spend any time with her; awful that I didn’t make my family dinner; awful that I should be down with my family and not up enjoying my personal time.

While I was up, “enjoying” my personal time, I was also painting this adorable little girl and her puppy dog which were new stamps in the Hedgehog Hollow April Kit. These stamps are from LDRS Creative, which is a new stamp company to me. I was loving what I was doing, but I was also feeling guilty.

Apparently, while I had been crafting earlier, she was making me something, which she brought downstairs and asked her daddy to give to me after she went to bed. Oh, my heart! She doesn’t even know the stress I was feeling about not being a good enough mom, and then she gave me this!

I (HEART) You Mom. I see.
I am in the family. I love were. I love you mommy.
To night. Today. I love you…
Can you turn the….
Top Secret.

So, I told my friend, Marcia, of The Frolicking Fairy, about this that night. She’s a mom of two herself, and she suggested that I make my kiddo a card and surprise her with it! I decided to use the little girl and her puppy I had been painting. These are the PERFECT images for my daughter as she’s a HUGE dog lover!

The little puppy is on an action wobbler, providing the fun action a 5-year-old LOVES! All of this, the background and the characters, were all painted primarily using Distress Inks, and some of the LDRS inks that were included in Hedgehog Hollow Box.

I ADORE this lacy envelope that came with the kit, and that I used to enclose my little card in. The card itself isn’t much bigger than an ATC sized card, and I considered not actually sealing the envelope, but in the end, I did, with Scor-Tape.

This was my very first box from the Hedgehog Hollow and their second ever! Their first one was a Lawn Fawn inspired box, and their next one is Waffle Flower and Pretty Pink Posh collaboration. I’m WICKED excited about that!






8 thoughts on “Being a Mom and Hedgehog Hollow’s new box!”

  1. Aww, I am a little teary! Such sweet exchanges between you two. As a mother of a 32 year old son, who has 2 sons, I would say that parenting was by far the hardest job I ever signed up for! The struggle is real, for sure. Standing back and watching him be a father has reassured me that the choices that were made as a parent have paid off. He is wonderful dad. Your darling Percy will grow up to be same. xoxo

  2. Just adore the card with the little girl and her dog and the lacy envelope. I really want to learn the color cards properly. I enjoy your online chats and in March would my first Hedgehog Hollow box. Thank you for all your instructions and guidance. I really enjoy you. Sorry I missed the box in February.

  3. May I ask if your daughter’s name is Percy? That was my mother’s name! She was named after her Grandmother and I’ve never known anyone else to have that name. It was actually a nickname for Persis.
    Your card is very cute…thanks for sharing!

    1. I LOVE the name Percy, Cathleen! I love it so much, however, it isn’t her given name. We named her Persephone, but what sold me on “Persephone” was the nickname Percy. 🙂 Most people know her as that and not as Persephone. 😀

      Persis is a fabulous name too, I’m going to have to look that one up!

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