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Today I am bringing you are REALLY fun card! Honestly, I never would have designed this on my own. However, I was challenged to allow Google to help inspire my card design, using Ink Road Stamps stamps, from a member of the Ink Road Stamps Facebook group.

The idea is that you google your first and last initials followed with the word “look.” So I googled “HR look.” The following was the first photo popped up in that search:

HAHAHA! This is SUPER awesome because Ink Road Stamps happens to have the perfect lightbulb stamp! I mean, this couldn’t have fit more perfectly. Lara also has a little figure that would have probably fit inside the lightbulb, but I decided against taking my image that literally.

I had SO much fun creating this card that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have designed on my own.

I enjoyed the comparison of different blue embossing powders I had (I own 4!). I also loved creating a glowing lightbulb without lights. To create this, I mixed Nuvo Mousse, with a touch of Tattered Angles spray and painted it onto my lightbulb. It took a couple of coats to get the right level, and a bit of trial and error to get the right mixture, but it was a GREAT experiment!

If you would like to learn more about this challenge, from the person who suggested it, I suggest you check Jessica’s page out at Jessica MayDay.

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