Hello, my Kindred Crafters! Today I get to share with you the card I made for Kindred Stamps! This is off of their new release, and you’ve probably seen photos of it, but I FINALLY get a chance to talk about it!

There are a lot of reason why I’m proud of this card. For one, I feel like I got their skin tones much better than I had in the past. Part of this is because I’ve accumulated a TON of Copic markers recently, but also I do Pinterest searches like no one’s business, trying to find my favorite combinations. Did you know you can follow me on Pinterest? That is right, I’ve got a Pinterest page where I share all the cards I’ve made, as well as links to Copic, colored pencil and ink techniques! You should follow me! 😉

Another reason why I’m so proud of this card is that of its layers. Usually, I make 1 layer cards, but this has got 3 separate layers. It took a lot of pre-planning, and it certainly took a short while to make it, but it was fabulously fun and quite a learning experience. I’m sure, that in the future, it won’t take me quite so long to create a card as complicated as this.

I used a My Favorite Things Dienamic Frame to create the shape of my card. Elements were taped on using Scor-Tape, including this fun foam you see here. I had die cut the the fun foam, but then used scissors to cut the inside out, because I didn’t want it to be so readily apparent.

I knew I was going to make this card a shaker card, and I didn’t want all of my sequins to fall out of sight, so I added more fun foam to the backside of my elements.

Because I was going to make this a shaker card, I ensured that I was gluing, or taping, all of the layers fully together so that no sequins could escape.

Here you can see two layers down onto an A2 sized card base which was covered with burlap. The one mistake I made on this card is readily apparent here, that Scor-tape on the left. If you know where to look on the card it is visible, however, I was at least smart enough to hit it with my embossing buddy so that the sticky would be covered and no sequins would be stuck to it.

Here I have all of my layers together, except for the top cover, I tossed in some FABULOUS sequins from Kraftgali, which I am now a DT member but wasn’t then. I love these dainty sequins! I was trying to go for the look at the end of Moana where flowers are showering down over our heroes after they restored the heart.

Finally, I secured the top on, glued on our heroes, and put my sentiment on. The positioning of the sentiment was specific, to help hide that bit of Scor-tape that was showing.

I know I glossed over a lot of the finer details, I wanted to focus on the building of a more complicated card, however, if you have questions to feel to ask. I will be more than happy to answer any of your card related questions either in this post, on Facebook, or on Instagram!

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2 thoughts on “Kindred Stamps – Polynesian Adventurers”

  1. I love those sequin packs! I’m thinking of maybe trying to make a water shaker card with this set, let’s see if it happens! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I ADORE these sequins, you’ll love them too! Thank you for your kind words! 😀 I can’t wait to see your creation!!!!

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