Today is a major national holiday! Just kidding, it isn’t. However, it should be! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for several years you know that today is May the 4th Be With You Day, a play on words from “May the Force Be With You” in Star Wars.

We are big Star Wars fans in this house. OK, my almost 5 year old and I are, DH hasn’t really seen the movies. Honestly, I’m not sure why I married him. šŸ˜‰ Just joking, he’s AMAZING in all things except his lack of watching SW. My kiddo even had a SW themed birthday last year!

Unfortunately, this holiday snuck up on me, as in I realized 2 days ago it was coming! I had to scramble together to make a card to celebrate. I can’t take full credit for the creativity of these two cards I’m sharing with you. I had already seen someone make a Yoda card out of the same stamp, this was the inspiration for using this amazing Krumspring stamp for today’s cards.

To start, I did a Google Image search for Perler Bead SW patterns, I image a similar search using the term “cross stitch” could have also yielded great results. It took a while, but I did eventually find an Ewok and Storm Trooper design that would work with this stamp.

Next, I downloaded a free SW themed font onto my computer and printed out the sentiment. Because my printer can’t handle paper over 60 some odd pounds I then took the paper to Staples in order for them to photocopy onto my Neenah Solar White cardstock in 80lbs.

Then, it was a matter of not messing up when coloring in my image onto the stamped grid, which trust me, I did. I wasn’t sure how to finish the cards off until this morning. I made a galaxy background for the storm trooper using Distress Inks and a “forest” like background for the Ewok using my GansaiĀ Tambi Water Colors. I edged all panels with embossing powder, adhered them together, and voila! I’ve got two cards to celebrate the holiday with!

I hope you have enjoyed these cards, and I hope you celebrate by watching some Star Wars today!

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