Last week Kindred Stamps shared their most recent release, it was small but mighty. They released an ADORABLE set called Hair in the Air, and an EPIC set called Witch Sisters. I got to play with the Witch Sisters set, and boy did I had fun! This set was inspired by a movie when I haven’t seen in ages, fortunately, I had some help from another friend (who also hadn’t seen it in a long time). Sometimes it is good to bounce ideas off of people. She steered me away from the direction I had been planning to go and I found myself directed towards the direction I ended up taking. I am ever so glad I had the help! My original idea would have been fine, but I think that this card provides something unexpected and is much more in keeping with the theme.

What is the surprise, you ask? Why it is a pop-up card, whose outside is rather deceivingly simple but the inside holds all the magic!

The front of my card.

When you open it you are greeted with buildings that pop up and out of the card and the three witch sisters in the background.

The inside of the card.

I had SO much fun making this card, from the front where I used patterned paper, something I struggle with, to the inside using a 3-dimensional aspect, something I don’t usually do. You can see a couple of process shots of my working on the background of this card:

If you wish to snag this Witch Sisters set, while it is still in stock, make sure you use the discount code Hannah10 for a 10% off discount on all of your stamp purchase at Kindred Stamps!

Here is a picture of the ladies all colored, without the town in front of them:

Thank you for reading, it is my hope that I have inspired you!

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