WOW! We are celebrating 500 fan club members! When I started working at Kindred Stamps Audra had only recently started making photopolymer stamps, and she hadn’t quite found her niche yet. I think it is safe to say that she has! And she’s found a community hungry for the products she provides. I, for one, am VERY eager to get my grubby little hands on each set I can get! I am SUCH a geek! I spend most of my time watching sci-fi and crafting, so this is obviously a product near and dear to my heart!

We hit 500 fan club members during our last release, it kind of snuck up on us, we weren’t 100% ready for that number! We were really excited when Audra let us pick and choose which sets we wanted to give away. We all got to choose our favorite 2×6 stamps, so you get to see our personality in our giveaways! And, as a special treat, Audra snuck extra stuff in our packages for us to give away. To personalize our giveaways we are also creating something special for you using the stamp set that we own which is the same we’re giving you! Unfortunately, I haven’t made my card yet, but I’m pretty sure I know what it is going to look like. 😉 And don’t worry, I will ship my package worldwide, no need to be in the US to win this fun pack!

We are SO excited that we reached 500 fans in our fan club a couple of weeks back! I know we’ve been quiet about this momentous event, but that was just because we’ve  been working on things in the background. LOTS of things, like giveaways, sales, the 12 Days of Christmas, oh, and I don’t know RELEASES!!! Oh yeah, AND a celebration of the 500!
Kindred Stamps knows that we wouldn’t be here without you. We thank you with every breath we take for making our dreams come true! In that spirit, we would like to give each and every one of you a prize, but gosh darn it, that just isn’t feasible! So, we’re doing the next best thing! Each of our Creative Team Members chose items to give to you and are offering those items as a give away on their blogs and Instagram accounts. You’ll just need to hop over to their pages and comment, and hop over to their IG accounts and see what they ask you to do. They get to choose their own way of handling their giveaways. You’ll get opportunities to win Kindred Stamp sets, sequins, fun washi, something handmade by the team member, and maybe some other extras!
In addition, Kindred Stamps is offering a $25 store credit to one lucky winner! Make sure to head over to the blog to learn more!
We love crafting, we love playing with these fun pop culture sets, and we can only do that thanks to you! So, THANK YOU! Thank you for rocking our socks!

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”

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Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

21 thoughts on “Celebrating 500 Kindred Stamps Fans!”

  1. What an awesome accomplishment for Kindred Stamps. I am THRILLED to have found this awesome company. I adore this little stamp set, as I grew up watching Bob pain Happy Little Trees and Happy Little Clouds. Always makes me smile. Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize!

  2. Can’t wait to see your creation!! I am not sure what number I was, when I stumbled into Kindred Stamp Fan Club, however 500 Members is amazing!!!!!

  3. So excited to have found Kindred Spirits and these awesome stamps. Can’t wait to receive my first order. I live in South Africa and will probably be the first person to have them. Yay

  4. Loving what I’ve seen so far. My friend Kym ordered some Kindred Stamps for us both and I can’t wait to use the Potter inspired set for my daughter’s 11tg birthday party.

  5. Sorry if I double post, I thought I had already 😉

    My friend Kym had ordered Kindred Stamps for me (share the shipping) and I can’t wait to use the Potter set for my daughter’s 11th birthday party 🙂

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