Hi there! Thank you so much for joining me! Today I’d like to share this project that I’ve been working on, I call it Crawling Out of the Mud. The lyric it features is pulled from a song by the Dave Matthews Band.

I had SO MUCH fun watching the organic nature of paints, water, and alcohol working together, they create the most magical layers!

I also very much enjoyed the paper piercing! I had an AMAZING time when I found this book on constellations that I could use. I carefully chose all the elements of the telescope to help tell the story: The main body of the telescope is defining a light year, the dish talks about a myth used to help explain a constellation, and the triangular-like area discusses the time of night you’ll want to head outside to see certain constellations.

I was very careful to choose the direction the text went in my work and obscuring but highlighting the text was a fun challenge.

The DMB song in question is talking about our evolution, and how we came from stardust. The text in the telescope is helping to carry that story forward.

If you’d like to see some of the key steps in this piece, please check my video out:

Thank you so much for watching, and never stop creating!

3 thoughts on “Crawling Out of the Mud”

    1. Oh, don’t be scared! You can’t ruin a card when you’re working on the background! Play around and try, you’ll get it! 🙂 It is SO much fun!

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