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Get Kids Crafty! is the brainchild of myself, Hannah, and of Marcia at The Frolicking Fairy. We both posted and shared pictures of our young children crafting with our craft products on the same day. She and I are good friends and we were chatting about how we wished we could get more kiddos into our craft rooms. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if we could bridge the gap between THEIR art and OURS? What would happen if we taught them to respect our expensive products? Would we find new inspiration with our own belongings?

So Marcia and I decided to search for fellow bloggers/crafters/moms who wanted to share in our experience. We have asked them to blog once a month around a common theme and to share their experiences, good and bad, in their craft rooms with their kiddos. Once a quarter we’ll be asking YOU to share in the experience! We’ll be asking you to craft with your kiddo and to share on social media! One participant will be chosen to win a prize! You don’t have to blog, you just have to share your child’s work on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #getkidscrafty, we’ll find you and let you know that you are our winner!

We have timed our blog post to coincide with the new release for the Brutus Monroe Mini Monroe box! We are REALLY excited about this box, as the premise behind it is to get kiddos crafting alongside their parents! We haven’t gotten our hands on this box yet, but when we do we’ll be sharing our thoughts on it, and showing you the work our kiddos have done with it!

So, let us get on with the cards my 5-year-old!

We started, thinking we would make a bunch of cards using leaves that we inked up and pressed onto Gelli Plates. We had mixed results with these, some of our leaves weren’t inked up enough, and I think part of that is because many of my ink pads are the mini ones. The full sized pads were nice and juicy and were MUCH easier for my kiddo to work with! The Distress Oxide used in the photo below was by far the best!

This served as a great lesson to talk about monoprinting and about generational stamping. Here I was able to show her how the first copy of our leaf was nice and bright, but that we could still get a second great one out of it! We could have gotten a third if little fingers hadn’t started smudging ink on the plate. 😀

Next, we decided to play with some Heidi Swapp sprays, this didn’t work on the Gelli Plate, BUT it did inspire my kiddo to get her hand sprayed which then created my FAVORITE card!

I will admit that I took over most of this card, I just LOVED her handprint so much that I didn’t want little fingers messing it up any more than necessary!

I think it was Chris Dayton, in the Stamp Junkies group, that mentioned something about flattening leaves with her Big Shot in order to make prints with them, this is what I did for the leaves we used in our first cards. Unexpectedly we got GREAT prints off of the pigments the leaves left behind!

My kiddo and I were inspired to create a card with one of these prints! She wanted to use Nuvo Drops, and I let her get a little carried away with them. 😀

For our final project we brought out some Ken Oliver’s ColorBursts, my kiddo was IN LOVE!!!!

I was impressed by her natural inclination to remove extra water with a paper towel.

We die cut leaves out of her Colorburst paper, I had the idea to tie them by their stems, and she had the idea to have someone hold them as if they were balloons. I LOVED our bouncing ideas off of each other!

I had stamped and she’d colored her images, and then she had a fun time with a matching game finding the dies that fit the stamped images, this was an unexpected learning experience.

She also wanted to use glitter on this card. Glitter is like Herpes, it just spreads. However, I met with the AMAZING Alexandra of the Hedgehog Hollow several weeks ago and she shared how easy working with microfine glitter can be! Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pads just wipe that glitter right on up! My kiddo LOVED rubbing that microfine glitter into that Elizabeth Craft adhesive!

Here is the final card we made with the Colorburst, die cutting, Copic Markers, and microfine glitter:

It has so much sparkle, but it is so hard to capture it:

My 5-year-old had an AMAZING time creating these cards. She learned a lot, she learned about Gelli Printing, about proper cutting with a Cutterpiller, about how to die cut without help, about Colorburst, and about glitter.

I was inspired to look at some of my materials in a different way, I was shown how amazing plain leaves are, and I realized that I didn’t need to be afraid of glitter and my kid!

This month was an AMAZING lesson for my daughter and me!

Here are a few more photos you might enjoy:

Please join us over at our Facebook group Get Kids Crafty! We’ll be posting so much more over there and hope to have a great conversation about getting our kiddos into our craft room! 😀

Please hop over to my fellow blogger’s pages to see what they are up to!

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6 thoughts on “Get Kids Crafty! – November Blog Hop Post!”

  1. I am impressed with her die cutting skills. We don’t have a lot of coordinating stamp dies, but we do have a Scan N Cut that the kids love operating (with supervision). I really love how her hand print card turned out!

  2. You have a creative little sweetheart there! The wonder and awe in her facial expressions are priceless. I love her idea of the leaves as balloons! Brilliant!

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