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Today is our “monthly” Get Kids Crafty! post! I am really excited for Get Kids Crafty! because changes are happening and things are changing and this means GREAT things for us and our children. I’m talking yours and mine! Get Kids Crafty! is changing hands, its focus is remaining the same, but it is leaving the wing of Fanciful Spaces and The Frolicking Fairy. Its new owner, Bethany knows our dreams for Get Kids Crafty! and knows our mission, and she feels that introducing children to our art is just as important as we do! Great things are happening!

This month’s theme is Manatees, but some of my blogging friends may have used ocean or beach themed stuff, as of this writing I haven’t seen their work.  My daughter chose to use one of the free images from Beth Duff Designs. She colored it with my Copic markers. One of the brilliant things about stressing the importance of respecting my belongings and the knowledge that working with them is a privilege is that I can almost completely trust her to re-cap them! While I did my own crafting, she took the markers and had a blast coloring this little guy!

I decided to introduce her to alcohol inks. What a perfect medium for water-related crafts! What I didn’t know was how perfect alcohol inks are for kiddos! She had so much fun playing with them. You can’t go wrong with them, and they evolve so much, also you don’t have a time constraint!

See our process:

Not once did she get stuff on her hands from this. From the markers, yes, but not from the Alcohol Inks!

She had a blast!

The best part was finishing the sentiment. “Be your own kind of…” She insisted on it ending in “friend,” at first I thought this was odd and awkward. But then I reflected on it. I had given her so many options, but she stuck with “friend.”

Be your own person. Be true to yourself. Don’t alter who you are for friendships that aren’t meant to be made. This was how I ended up interpreting her card. I couldn’t love that message more.

She die cut the sentiment out of some scratch inlaid paper I had created earlier in the day, I glued it on and talked about layering. She was very specific about placement and the colors used. I LOVED coordinating with her!


Thank you for participating in our April Get Kids Crafty! blog hop! We are so excited that you’re here and we hope that you find inspiration amongst our links! Not only that, be we’d LOVE to be inspired by you! Please feel free to use the hashtag #getkidscrafty on social media anytime you and your child(ren) are crafting!

Exciting things are in the future for Get Kids Crafty! you won’t want to miss the action, check out our Facebook group and Instagram account: Get Kids Crafty! Also new, we have a web page! We will be changing it up as we go through our growing process, so do make sure to check it out occasionally!


OK! Now go visit my fellow bloggers and find more inspiration to get crafty with your kids!


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