Happy New Year!

I can’t believe the new year is already past and I’m looking at February events on my planner! Where does the time go? I feel like I’m going to be writing this tomorrow, only the date will be 2019!

This is our first blog hop for Get Kids Crafty! of 2018! I am pretty sure that most of my fellow crafters are blogging about Valentine’s day crafts that they’ve done with their Littles and I fully intended to too, until a specific product came on the market and I saw a window of opportunity to test it out!

Brutus Monroe recently released a self-adhesive shaker pouch, it is cut slightly larger than an A2 card so that you can trim it down. It’s backing is white, however, you can slip a piece of colored or patterned paper in there. It is a shaker pouch all in one! No building a shaker card, no hunting for all the products you need, everything is easy peasy! I see a LOT of use for this product for people who want to save money (because in the long run it probably is cheaper than building up your own shaker card, people with mobility issues, people creating a card in a hurry and children!

Yes! Children! About a week or two ago, my kiddo was trying to make her own shaker card with no help from her Mommy. The result was that all of her sequins ended up on the floor, for some reason she didn’t seal it up correctly. 🙁 She disposed of the attempt before I could look at it, but it provided an amazing chance to talk about failure and learning from it. The cards that I learn the most about, are the cards that are failures. As long as she learned something it wasn’t really a failed experience. While I do want to help her learn how to successfully build a shaker card on her own, I thought that the self-adhesive shaker pouch from Brutus Monroe would be perfect for her immediate needs.

I’ll admit, I really wanted to try it out myself, because shaker cards are my JAM!

So, she and I created yet another shaker card.

This time, we talked about paper packs. I happened to have a pack of Doodlebug paper on my desk from an earlier project. While working with it, and my 5-year-old, I realized that paper packs are actually PERFECT for kids as all the paper is coordinated to work together! As far as coordinating goes, you can do no wrong with a coordinated paper pack, even 5-year-olds can choose several papers and make something pleasing to the eye!

I did help her with choosing coordinating sequins, fortunately, she loved the choice that best fit her card. We also discussed the use of washi tape for creating die cut frames. She’s learning SO MUCH in our short little crafting sessions! I think using the die cutting machine is her favorite part!

Here I am, showing her how to remove her paper from a die cutting plate when it is STUCK on there, without damaging it! Lessons are EVERYWHERE!

Using her very own tape runner for the first time!

Peeling off the backing of the self-adhesive pouch from Brutus Monroe, she did need help getting it started.

Here is her finished card! I would have trimmed down that left edge a touch more, you can see the pouch along the side, but perfection is super hard with a 5-year-old around!

We also tried another craft, this was a craft fail, but that fail was my fault and I suspected I was making it at the time.

I went to a stamping convention in October, and while there I sat through a demo of glass pendants. My first thought was that kiddos could easily turn these into Mother’s Day, or Grandparent’s Day gifts super easily! Craft Fantastic was the company doing the demo, and I bought a BUNCH of their products specifically for my kiddo to play with. The thing is, the adhesive they use to glue the paper to the glass and to the pendents is water soluble, so you don’t want to use water-soluble ink, which we did for this project. :/ It is still super cute, but you can’t make out her fingerprint nearly as well as you could have.

Don’t worry, I fully intend to re-do this project correctly, and to blog about it!

NOW! On to some PRIZES! One of the things we want to do, at Get Kids Crafty! is to get YOUR kids into YOUR craft room! We hope to offer a quarterly prize to our social media followers to share with their kiddos. These prizes are not meant for the grownups, but for the kids. 😉 All you have to do, throughout the month, is to blog your child’s artwork on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #getkidscrafty. Your picture must be shared publically to be eligible, and we will announce the winner on our February blog. Sharing a photo of your child is NOT required, just their artwork. Bonus points if you are a member of our Get Kids Crafty! Facebook Group!

This quarter we have two prizes! The lovely Megan from Mad Crafter’s Tea Party is offering up a set of letter crayons! These are PERFECT for our younger crowd and so very much fun!

Our official group, Get Kids Crafty! Is offering up a REALLY fun book, one our family loves, a stamp and die set from Lawn Fawn, and a fabulous blending trio of Stylefile markers sold exclusively from Brutus Monroe!

This contest is open to everyone worldwide, and we can’t wait to see what you and your children come up with!

Now on to the blog hop! Please visit my fellow crafters, and parents, to see what they have to inspire you with!

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  1. Oh to have had access to such amazing tools at that age! Great idea to give her her own tape runner. Loving this tour of encouraging Mums! What a darling card. I think I could use more of those matching paper packs!

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