I am a big hard science fiction geek. Apollo 13, the Martian, Arrival, those movies are among my absolute favorite. I am a hardcore Star Trek fan, the Original series and TNG are my most favoritest, though I do enjoy the reboot movies. I haven’t seen Discovery yet, but I plan to binge watch it sometime in the near future! 😀

We tend to watch a lot of space documentaries here, and my kiddo has her fair share of space-related books. When I was a little girl I used to dream of going into space, and attending Space Camp would have been my dream come true! I sure do hope my kid wants to go to Space Camp! I will make it happen for her!

One of my favorite activities is being a space nerd tourist, anytime we travel if there is a space-related place to visit we go! In fact, I spent about 20 minutes last weekend pretending to drive a Mars Rover at the Cleveland Science Center, it was a BLAST!

So, OF COURSE, I had to create some fun space-themed project when I saw these “Galaxy Space Age Embellishments” by Lisa Kettell Designs. I think they are made out of air dry clay, they are very light! She has quite a few embellishment pieces, some are already painted and others not, to say that my Etsy cart is full for another order would be an understatement!

If you saw my project “Crawling Out of the Mud” you’ll recognize the space background. This current project is actually the predecessor of that one. I had so much fun breaking out my scenic art brushes for this little project that I had to make a larger scale version!

There are differences though, in that one you’ll watch a time-lapse video of my background painting, in this one I was just messing around. Because I was messing around I made some choices that weren’t the smartest, but since it was a small scale project it wasn’t a huge deal.

Step 1:
I painted my background with some base colors. No rhyme or reason, just trying to get away from a white primed background.

Step 2:
Next, I took these Prima Marketing Paints and washed them over the already existing colored areas. Blues over Blue, Reds over Red, etc. I wasn’t too worried about overlapping colors, as that would add complex depth that I wanted. These paints added a LOT of sparkle!

Step 3:
Add more sparkle, of course! So this step should have either not happened or happened later. I just wasn’t thinking. There isn’t a lot of binder in these sprays, meaning any work I did over them was likely to move the pigment around. The same goes for Step 5.

Step 4:
I used some watered down white craft paint to make a splatter of stars over the whole thing.

Step 5:
I don’t have any black Lindy’s Spray, which would have been my go-to. So I used black watercolor paint by Pink Fresh! I also added more sparkle! HAHAHA, I just can’t get enough sparkle! Again, these two additions moved in the next step, but unlike the previous step, the movement added a TON!

Step 6:
This Heavy Body Gel, by Prima Marketing Finnabar, is why there is so much texture on this piece. It is a THICK gel, it will show even brush marks if you’re not careful, assuming you don’t want the texture. I LOVED the texture I got though! This gel moved all the other layers below that didn’t have a lot of binder: the Lindy’s Sprays, the Pink Fresh watercolor, and the Ink on 3 Liquid Pixie Dust. I would never use this product on a larger scale project like “Crawling Out of the Mud” It’s just too expensive. However because it moved the previous pigments around it added a LOT of layering as the pigment floats in these various layers.

Step 7:
I did a total of 3 layers of the Gel, and in between those layers, I sprinkled these Desert Sunset Stars by Tonic Studios. These last two steps added SO MUCH depth!

The sentiment I (Heart) Space is made with Ranger’s Alcohol Pearls on their silver substrate. It is backed on some black cardstock by Cut Cardstock.com, LOVE their Basis Black! The edge of that layer is embossed with silver embossing powder.

Lastly, I glued my painted embellishments on with some E-6000.

I had SO MUCH fun with this project, it was just me messing around and having fun, and I found it super inspiring! I hope that I have inspired you! I hope that you break out your paints and mess around! It is also my hope that you never stop creating!

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