Hi Friends! Thank you so much for joining the Christmas Blog Hop for Rita Barakat! As usual with a Blog Hop for Rita, there is a giveaway! Make sure you read to the bottom to get to the details!

I’m going to admit, right off, that I was pressed for time on this project. I’ve got a lot of personal and private responsibilities in my family right now and I just needed a quick project to showcase some of Rita’s products.

What I created did not disappoint! (Though I do wish I had better photos!)

I was inspired by a perfect pinecone my daughter had found weeks ago. It was so perfect I kept it, safe on top of my Scan-n-Cut so that it wouldn’t get damaged or lost. I’ve been wanting to make something with it for ages.

Ultimately what I did was take a bunch of regular pinecones, which I sourced from the landscape here at our apartments, and I fancied them up!

The pinecone closest to my watermark was the one I’d been hanging on too for so long.

They are beautiful, by themselves, but they don’t draw attention to themselves.

Using a paintbrush I applied some adhesive, then some embossing powder, and voila! I’ve got BEAUTIFUL pine cones! Honestly, I probably spent an hour on this project. It is so quick and easy! If you’re in a pinch for some seasonal decorations, this is the BEST!

I used a variety of Rita’s embossing powders, two were from her Fairy Wings Kit by Emerald Creek, LOVE that line! I also used her Kiss of the Fairy, also by Emerald Creek. A bonus feature of the Kiss of the Fairy is that it is glow-in-the-dark!

I mixed and matched her Fairy Wings colors based on my mood. I loved the green one, but MAN that gold is GOLD! So elegant and beautiful!

I could imagine these being stunning in centerpieces along with your dinner table, decorating a wreath for your front door, or hanging as ornaments in your tree (which is what I’ll probably do with them.)

If you are scavenging for pinecones, and not buying them from the store, you do want to ensure that you bake them to kill any insect friends that might be living inside. To do so Bake at 200ΒΊ F for 30-45 minutes. Make sure you’re paying attention to the oven, you don’t want any accidental fires starting!!!

Really quickly, I want to share a project I’ve made for Rita’s new line!

Rita has started producing hand-stitched journals and mixed media accents! Above is the cover I created for one of her journals. I flipping LOVED working on this! I loved the canvas cover, it was so fun to paint and sew on!

I’ve decided to make this my “Happiness” journal. Here is a spread I created inside, using some of her accessories from the line. Since this photo was taken I did go through and change a few things in this spread. I’ll share later in a different blog post, my thoughts on creating this spread, but I did add gilding flakes and shadows to the feathers, just after this photo was taken.

I used the following products, of Rita’s, in the various projects I’m sharing with you today:

Now for the blog hop info!!! And, of course, the prize info!!! You NEED to check out Rita’s blog post first, it will have the specifics for the give-away and it will announce when she’s choosing a winner! I suspect it will be during one of her Mixed Media Mondays, DON’T miss out on those, they are so fun!

Make sure to check out each and one of the participants in the blog hop, and make sure to leave a comment on everyone’s page! πŸ˜€

Rita Barakat
Martha Lucia Gomez
Margie Higuchi
Cheryl Boglioli
Hannah Rubenstahl – You Are Here!
Liza Sivek

Thank you so much for joining me in this hop! I hope you go out and create something fantastic!

8 thoughts on “Rita’s Christmas Blog Hop!”

  1. What a beautiful book. I like how you used canvas. I am feeling artsy all of a sudden, because of this blog hop, and want to spend some time in my craft room. Thank you for inspiring me. Really, I needed it.

  2. Hannah, your projects are so beautiful. I love how creative and thoughtful each piece is. Great work! Oh, I do subscribe to Rita’s newsletter.

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