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Today I’m continuing on my fledgling adventure about opening up and letting others into what I think/feel, and how I create my projects. The video I’m sharing today is heavy on the emotional stuff. While it might sound as if I’m either exaggerating my mental state when I was making this or that I got over it incredibly easily, neither is true.

Honestly, I’m still dealing with some of that heavy emotion. Additionally, I’d been suffering for far longer than we really talk about in my last couple of videos. Finally, it was REALLY bad, and I knew it could have gotten a lot worse.

I really credit Lindy’s Gang products for my love of crafting again. I really can’t use their products enough. Every time I play with them I fall more in love with them. I particularly like the Starburst Sprays. These sprays frequently feature dynamic color mixes, and all of them have some shimmer. I love the fact that they spray.

Nozzles frequently have a mind of their own. It is always advisable to do a test spray off of your work to see how your nozzle will function. Some spray finer mists, others large chunky blobs. I LOVE that I can’t always determine what the result will be. I choose my sprays based off of the desired color, and I embrace the organic nature of the spray.

Having said that, I also love using Faber Castell Gelatos on the same pieces. I feel as if they often really punch the color to where I want it, and the iridescent ones are like HEAVEN!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that I have inspired your creativity. If I’ve helped you emotionally, all the better. 🙂

Never Stop Creating.

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